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Database ID: 210
Collection ID: 8
Item Type: photo
Item Date: 1951
Description: Kalvesta Bible School 1951-1952 Group - 2 adults and 12 children - standing in front of church building & car in background Adults - L-R: Gladys Brown, Irene Hastings Children: Front Row - L-R: Tim Dewey, Ronnie Phipps, Stanley or Lester Coval (?), Lynn Dewey, Dee Baldwin, ? Back Row - L-R: ? , Joe Briggs, Phyllis Brown, ? , Shari Baldwin, ?
Physical Description: Photo glued to scrapbook page B&W : 5 3/4" x 3 1/8"
Subject: Churches ; Methodist ; Bible School ; Kansas ; Finney County ; Kalvesta
People: Gladys Brown, Irene Hastings, Tim Dewey, Ronnie Phipps, Lynn Dewey, Dee Baldwin, Joe Briggs, Phyllis Brown, Shari Baldwin
Condition: good
Processed By: Dee Baldwin
Year Processed: 2016
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Notes: Same group as 20160527_5_ms but different angle
Digitized: yes
File ID: 20160527_4_ms
Scan Date: 2016-05-27 00:00:00
File Size: 55.4 MB
DPI: 900
Pixel Count: 5425x3296
Bit Depth: 24
Compression Used: Uncompressed
Color Space: rgb
Scanning Notes:
Scanner Used: e800
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Scanned By: Sara McFarland
Scanning Project: Kalvesta United Methodist Church
Item Title: Kalvesta Methodist Church Bible School - 1951-1952
File Format: tiff
Software: silverfast88
Path: /kalvesta_umc_project
Access Format: jpg